Training Services

We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

We believe that perhaps one of our most important features that distinguish us from traditional agencies is the importance we attach to Training Services. Instead of having the idea of ​​doing everything ourselves, we believe that our customers should be able to meet their basic digital marketing needs. In this context, we analyse the needs of our customers in detail and try to support them with our Training Services where possible.

Graphic Design Training

Our training offers information on design rules, the format and standards used, and effective design techniques, starting with graphic design fundamentals. Our training content includes design techniques, graphic design applications and the use of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign programs.

Web Design Training

Our training provides information on the formats used, software languages ​​and design standards, starting with the technical requirements of web design. It teaches HTML, CSS and javascript applications via Adobe Dreamweaver program.

Presentation Techniques Training

Our training teaches techniques for preparing effective presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and reinforces them with live applications. In the continuation of the training, the points that should be considered for effective presentation and what methods can be used are taught with live applications.

Digital Photography Training

Digital Photography Processing Training teaches all the steps from digital photo shooting to the processing of photos with Adobe Photoshop.

Meet iLeanDigi

If you need expert support for your company’s advertising and marketing activities, we invite you to meet iLeanDigi. We will come together with you to inform you about the services offered by iLeanDigi, and develop digital marketing solutions tailored for you by listening to your business and needs. You can send us your needs online using our contact form.